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If you are interested in an outdoor or indoor movie for your community or event, please contact me for more information, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.
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What is Sidewalk Cinema?

Sidewalk Cinema is a concept for new cinema. A way of presenting films that isn't in a multiplex or in your living room. It is simply taking a film and showing it to a group - large or small. The place can be in a coffee shop, a hall, or even outdoors under the stars.
When I started Sidewalk Cinema 10 years ago, the idea was - and is - centered around building community through films. Since then outdoor cinemas have become fairly common place which is great. There are many communities showing outdoor films around here in the Northwest despite the relatively short outdoor season. And because we are so far north it stays light later so you need to be fairly dedicated to want to watch an outdoor movie around mid-June. Forget watching Lawrence of Arabia, at nearly 4 hours you would be up to nearly 2am. Although an all-night movie marathon would be a great idea. Sleeping bags optional. We started in West Seattle creating the outdoor walk-in cinema there and it is still going strong. T…


Photos from some of our outdoor movie events